Financial Services, Insurance

1911 Westbridge Dr
Annapolis, MD 21401

Hi there! With over 10 years of customer service and 6 years of sales and leadership I am happy to be a relatively new transplant to the Annapolis area. I started working for Paychex because I wanted to get a better understanding of business to business sales and how to make a positive impact on the small businesses in my community. I help business owners establish potential pain points and focus on setting attainable growth goals so that the owner or CEO can spend more time doing what they are passionate about and less time worrying about HR and Payroll. No matter how small your business is, I would love to be an extension of it and provide unmatched consumer knowledge about all matters in the workplace. I work closely with accountants and bankers to ensure that my clients stay up to date on compliance regulations and provide a unique insight to problems that most businesses are facing. Please reach out if you would like to network or for a free consultation (ask me how to get free payroll today!)
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