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November 1, 2017 Local Flair

Published on Home & Design | by Amy Brecount White

From its beginnings in 1649 as a Puritan community on the Severn River to its present status as an international sailing mecca, Annapolis has been welcoming guests for centuries. The town boasts an array of seasonal activities, shops and history—much of it revolving around the riches of the river and the nearby Chesapeake Bay.

With a cornucopia of American architectural styles, Annapolis is commonly called a “museum without walls.” Color-coded, octagonal markers help visitors find 240 well-preserved, historic structures across the city. For example, red means Georgian (1715-1800) while yellow highlights distinctive early 20th-century styles, from Beaux Arts to Craftsman.

To get the lay of the circles, streets and waterways, head first to the Visitors Center for an acclimating tour of the city by trolley or five-passenger electric vehicle. Two central circles mark the oldest section of Annapolis: State Circle surrounds the circa-1772 Maryland State House, which once served as our nation’s capitol building and is in legislative use today. Located in Church Circle, St. Anne’s Church dates back to 1858. From these circles, Annapolis divides into roughly five strollable main areas, each of which will tickle both your fancy and your taste buds.

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