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Mission Statement

The Annapolis Design District (ADD) connects professionals in the design and build industry through networking and professional development opportunities.

Events in the District

The Annapolis Design District is a proud supporter of the local arts, music, and innovative community. Throughout the year, we will sponsor, host, or bring attention to events that enhance and enrich our city. Whether it’s a charitable fundraiser, a town meeting that discusses ways to improve the lives of Annapolitans, or simply an event that brings attention to the talent and creativity this side of the Chesapeake Bay, we want to be there… and we hope you’ll join us.

Check in regularly to see what exciting things are happening in and around our Bay-side home, Annapolis.


Mural Map

To enhance and contribute to the vibrancy of Annapolis, local artists have banded together to bring more art, music, and culture to the City of Annapolis. Most notably, are breath-taking murals located throughout the city that are quickly becoming memorable landmarks. Many of these murals reside within the Design District through a partnership with Urban Walls Brazil. Twelve murals now beautify the central hub of the Design District located in an industrial area bounded by West Street, Chinquapin Round Road, Legion Avenue, and Forest Drive.

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